Carolina School of Massage Therapy Carrboro, NC Certified 1987
NC Licensed Massage and Bodyworks Therapist  #168
Modalities included Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic massage for compromised systems, Trigger Point, and Therapeutic Touch and Looyen Work, CranioSacral 1 and 2, Hot Stone Massage

LooyenWork Institute, San Francisco, CA
Certified LooyenWork Practitioner since 1990
Modalities included LooyenWork, Intrinsic Mobilization, and Body Reading

LooyenWork is a painless deep tissue methodology that addresses the uniqueness of each client. It does this by first identifying the core issue of that person through a sophisticated form of body reading. This core issue is the visible effects of emotionally, psychologically, and physically traumatic experiences that inhibit the client from full expression of who he or she is. Once the core issue has been determined, the practitioner develops a session for the client so as to determine to unravel the restrictions as much as possible. Each session is complete in itself and different layers are worked on subsequent sessions.

Intrinsic Mobilization is a method of analyzing and eliminating spasm (involuntary muscle shorting) at the deepest levels of the spine, pelvis, and ribs. Intrinsic Mobilization restores a full range of motion to the joints of the axial skeleton, and aids restoration of a bilaterally balanced degree of movement. It is especially effective for improving lordosis, kyphosis, and especially scoliosis abnormalities.

Other Trainings
Certified Nurses aide 1
Neuromuscular Therapy1, CranioSacral 1 and 2, Video training in Myofascial Release.
Training in working with osteoarthritis


I have over 20 years experience over 11,000 hours of hands on massage experience, and 900+ hours of training. Because of this extensive experience I feel that I have worked on and with a wide range of the general public, from the very young to the very old, overweight, underweight, physically and mentally handicapped, chronically ill, athletes, dancers, professors, nurses, surgeons, doctors, chiropractors, business professionals, students and many others.


Capital Fitness, Chapel Hill, N.C.
Massage for relaxation, therapeutic massage.
Independent Contractor

KBM, Chapel Hill, N.C.
Massage for relaxation, therapeutic massage.
Chair Massage
Offered by company as an employee benefit.

F.G.I. Marketing, Chapel Hill, N.C.
Chair Massage
Massage for relaxation, therapeutic massage. Offered by company as an employee benefit.

Private Practice, Chapel Hill, N.C.
Massage for relaxation, therapeutic massage, LooyenWork, and Intrinsic Mobilization.

Dr. Michael Kraznov, Durham, N.C.
Therapeutic massage for chiropractic patients.

Y.M.C.A., Chapel Hill, N.C.
Massage for relaxation, therapeutic massage.

Across The Street, Durham, N.C.
Massage for relaxation.

Mina’s Studio, Chapel Hill, N.C.
Massage for relaxation.

Heart of Durham Diet Program
Massage for relaxation.

Professional Affiliations

Member of American Bodywork and Massage Affiliations Professionals for 15 yrs.

Credentialing committee and provider for Consensus Health’s Manual Therapies and Somatic education, for BCBS Alt Med Blue Program 1999-2000