Custom Massage

massageCustomize your massage session

Find the massage and therapy that fits your needs then ask for them by name.

Swedish Massage

This method is used on the more superficial layers of musculature. It is used to increase circulation, relieve muscle tension, and promote general relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage_MG_1014

Works on deeper specific muscles to release areas of chronic tension.

Trigger Point Massage

Direct finger pressure is used on specific painful contracted muscles until the muscle releases and then a stretch is applied.



LooyenWork is a painless deep tissue bodywork methodology that addresses the uniqueness of each client.

Intrinsic Mobilization

This is a method of analyzing and eliminating the spasms at the deepest muscular levels of the spine, pelvis, and ribs.

CranioSacral Therapy

This method works with the cranio sacral rhythm. This method influences the nervous, musculoskeletal, vascular and lymphatic systems. It helps eliminate spasms of the neck and spine.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage relieves deep muscle tension<, increase increases blood and lymph circulation.

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